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Appointed Actuary

Current legislation recommends that the actuarial activity should be validated by other actuaries who did not participate in the preparation of assessments. Thus the role of the appointed actuary as independent and external is quite significant.
Through our own methodologies and tools we validate the work of the actuarial function with all the rigor and independence.
The actuaries who are part of the technical staff of Actuariado have the necessary training to carry out the function of “appointed actuary”, of life or non-life insurers and of pension funds. This activity is officially exercised in the life and non-life business and in several pension funds.

Actuarial Consulting

  • Independent Actuarial assessment of technical provisions insurance portfolios in non-life and life
  • Calculations and/or validation of best estimate liability (BEL) in accordance with the solvency II directive
  • Calculations and/or validation of the solvency capital requirement (SCR) in accordance with the solvency II directive
  • Actuarial support on the IFRS 17
  • Optimization of reinsurance plans


It has become urgent to provide suited and appealing premiums to face the ever more competitive insurance market.
Considering the major impact that such tariffs have on insurers’ accounts, Actuaries have the important role of developing and assisting the pricing process. Indeed, if by any chance the premiums are not adequate to claims frequency this could translate into significant losses to the insurer.
Hence, to help insurers in the best way possible, Actuariado provides our clients with highly qualified analysts and our own tools and models to expertly develop pricing projects in motor, worker’s compensation and health insurance.
The main focus of our work is on the following areas:
  • Development and evaluation of tariffs
  • Construction and analysis of bonus-malus systems

Pension Funds

  • Outline of pension plans
  • Assessment of liability with pension plans and funds
  • Liability management
  • Assessment of asset liability management
  • Presentation of results in accounting records in accordance with national and international directives.

Development of actuarial software

Development of actuarial software for the management of life and non-life insurance and pension funds.

Process of Insurance Company formation

Traditionally Actuariado has collaborated in the preparation of dossiers regarding the request for authorization to incorporate life and non-life insurance companies.

Insurance Company Rating

Economic rating of insurance companies has been carried out for the purposes deemed necessary by its shareholders or by those interested in purchasing it. The assessment of liabilities in this activity is thus of great importance due to the weight they represent in the balance sheets. Thus the technical provisions must be assessed rigorously in accordance with actuarial techniques.

Audit to Insurance Companies

By assisting the auditors an analysis on the adequacy of the technical provisions of the audited insurance companies has been carried out.

Social Security Sustainability Studies

Several sustainability studies of the various social security schemes and their impact on public accounts, particularly in Portugal, Mozambique and Cape Verde, were carried out.


Training is fundamental for all professionals in any line of business in the current times.
In Actuarial science, it is fundamental to keep updating and improving technical skills so as to successfully perform as an actuary or a non-actuary working in this area.
Actuariado Academy offers an extensive pack of actuarial training activities – which will meet the needs of learners working in the insurance, banking or finance sectors.
Our vocational certified training programmes include courses, lectures and seminars. These are perfectly oriented both towards companies and the general public, and can even be customized by learners.
Actuariado is proud to be certified by DGERT (Direção Geral do Emprego e das Relacões de Trabalho).