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Actuarial Services

• Independent actuarial evaluations of liabilities for life and non life insurance business
• Pricing
• Pension Funds
• Embedded and appraisal value
• Best Estimate Liabiliy
• Solvency capital requirements
• Actuarial monitoring of IFRS17
• Actuarial monitoring of softwares
• Actuarial function

Local Appointed Actuary

We are certificate by the local supervisor for the key function of appointed actuary. Current legislation recommends that the actuarial activity should be validated by other actuaries who did not participate in the preparation of assessments. Thus the role of the appointed actuary as independent and external is quite significant.

Through our own methodologies and tools we validate the work of the actuarial function with all the rigor and independence.

Social Security Sustainability Studies

Sustainability studies of the various social security schemes and their impact on public accounts, in Portugal, Mozambique and Cape Verde, were carried out.

Similar studies were carried out to private funds regimes.

Cash Flow at Risk

From the identification and analysis of diferent variables, the iam is to determine the probability distribution of the company’s future cash flows.

With this exercise, a model is built on the operational cash flow, wich will be used as an important management tool.

Stochastic Projection of Financial Assets

Through the Bootstrap methotology, multiple asset evolution scenarios are simulated based on historical values, keeping the empirical distribution of portfolio returns intact.

The resulting annualized rate of return for each scenario corresponds to a pre-defined unilateral confidence interval of the distribution of returns arising from the simulation.